Our product line of Graphic and Industrial Pressure Sensitive Tapes are designed for many different applications. Applications include, but are not limited to, face mounting graphics, window graphics, counter mats, permanent/removable graphics, vibration damping, PE and PU foams.


Double Coated - General Purpose Products
  • General Purpose DPO1105GP (PDF)
  • General Purpose DPO1405GP (PDF)
  • General Purpose DPO2205GP (PDF)
  • General Purpose DPO2405GP (PDF)
  • General Purpose DPO3305GP (PDF)
  • General Purpose DPP1430GP (PDF)
Double Coated - Premium Products
  • Premium DPO1105 (PDF)
  • Premium DPO1405 (PDF)
  • Premium DPO2205 (PDF)
  • Premium DPO2405 (PDF)
  • Premium DPO3305 (PDF)
  • Premium DPP1430 (PDF)
Transfer Adhesive Products